Friday, 15 January 2010


Benefits stone for the 12 zodiac. The first zodiac from rat to pigs for the year 2010 as the year the wood tiger

1. RAT

Stone classes: all kinds of sapphires, blue sapphires, blue sapphires wheat, yellow sapphire, and the king sapphire (dark blue). Stone - stone was believed to produce the anticipated nature of a people desperate zodiac rat, including the nature and barembisi too greedy.
Stone used: ordinary diamond, diamond sea water (blue), various kinds of crystals, and pearls. These stones are useful for running the business run smoothly and free from fraud. Special pearl, off-the constant use. Just a moment, for example when attending a party.

2. OX

Stone grade: pomegranate white (white star) and amethyst pity (purple). Two kinds, precious stones are useful to support the success and harmony in the household.
Stone used: barbed months (especially for women residents zodiac buffalo), aquamarine, crystal yellow and black pearls. These stones have the efficacy to reduce stubborn nature and people hesitated zodiac buffalo. In addition, the yellow crystals are also believed to produce refuse wizards. Black pearl stone used in the right-hand ring finger can add unuk authority. While black mutira soaked in water, water can rendamannya to mngatasi impotence.


Stone class: regular diamond, ruby and white (star), yellow topaz and ruby ruby encourage success in business citizens tiger zodiac. Not easily fooled, and adding authority.
Stone used: ruby yellow, karneool (blood agate), diamonds, and red crystals. All four of these stones have the efficacy to increase the strength of nerve and stamina to keep not easily hurt.


Stone grade: topaz, jade, agate and Biduri chicken liver moss. Topaz stone and jade beneficial to soak the nature easily lost in praise residents have praised the zodiac rabbit. Chicken liver agate merit to the user un-extravagant. While stone moss Biduri efficacious to bring good fortune.
Stone used: Various kinds of onyx and agate (agaat). Onyx stones zodiac can make people dare to wear a rabbit in a dark place. Agate can add prestige and attract sympathy.


Stone grade: ruby and KIG saffire. 2 stones to create happiness efficacious way of life for the citizens of dragons.
Stone used: Diamonds seawater, amethis (amethyst) and turqouis (various kinds of turquoise). Sea diamonds useful muffle emotions. Amethis and turqouis to launch a business, and add interest.

Stone Class: genuine jade and amethyst pity. 2 kinds of stone is useful to maintain body condition for stable, smooth and slalu effort to encourage the stronger the sixth sense.
Stone used: sardonix black. The benefits to eliminate insecure and adds a sense of dignity.


Stone grade: Kecubung pity. This stone can make people sign that the horse has qualities like mengekspoloitasi org, growing sense of his love for the other org.
Stone used: Various kinds of turquoise (turquoise veins best mas), ruby red flesh and pearls. For the citizens of zodiac horse, turquoise useful to improve self-confidence.


Stone grade: siam red and opal. Siam red rock can change the attitude of doubting the firm. Opal is also able to arbitrarily change my nature to be able to understand the feelings of people.
Stone used: sirkon. This stone has the power to protect the wearer from all evil. These stones like diamonds.


Stone grade: cat eye and jambrud. Because monkeys have the zodiac resourceful nature and like to deceive others, wearing cat's eye stones can be saved from the various cases that caused the cat's eyes sendiri.Batu actions can also bring great joy to dirinya.Sedangkan stone jambrud, can make their business a success and add friends.
Ordinary stone: topaz and black pearls. For citizens zodiac monkey, topaz stones useful neutralize explosive burst of emotion, reduce air revenge, refused magic. While black pearls will form the personality to be a good person.


Stone grade: saffire diamonds and blue. For citizens zodiac chicken, these two stones to make a successful aan digelutinya business. Success will also be met when he became a leader.
Stone used: seawater diamond, ruby siam (star or deep), and a variety of opal. Diamond water can add authority, siam ruby useful avoid disaster, while the opal to increase sexual power.

11. DOG

Stone class: regular diamonds and rubies. Two stones are useful to anticipate the touchy nature of the residents owned a dog zodiac. Also to reject black magic and help achieve many successes in his life.
Stone used: ruby ruby and amethyst pity. Ruby ruby useful to the household is always harmonious, and that he was not too vocal in the discussion. This stone also to citizens zodiac beranfaat aning not too ambitious in speculating. While amethyst zodiac too sad for the people of puppy will add to his authority. This stone will also make him a sense of sympathy from many quarters.

12. PIG

Stone grade: cat eye and jambrud. Cat's eye gem zodiac pig makes people able to know where a good friend and what is bad. This is because people zodiac pig liver is usually so good that other people are always manipulated. While jambrud can help people who are wasteful pork, a lot of good fortune and success in business.
Ordinary stones: pearl, ruby ruby and a variety of agate. For citizens zodiac pig, can sharpen instincts pearl, ruby ruby so not easy to get lost in the suffering of others. While agate to avoid him from deception and prevent diseases arising from the stomach. By: Itong R.H

Thursday, 31 December 2009

Chen Kai Loong New Ring

Name : Chen Kai Loong Red Dragon
Name Of Stone : Red Siam
Benefits Of Red Siam : Useful to avoid the disaster, can change the attitude become firmly
Type : Non-Natural
Origin : N/A
Color : Red Siam
Clarity : Clear; Cutting Style; Cobochon
Size Of Stone : It's from 0,8 to 1,2 cm
Dianmond : 18
Weight of gold : 12.750 gr
Transparancy : Transclucent
Price : RM 1.160

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Gold Jewelry Caring Tips

Gold Jewelry Caring Tips
1. In use, use of jewelry when you wear make up either on the face and hair as well as perfume and hair spray.
2. After traveling, you should store the jewelry in place of repose special soft materials. When storing, separate from each other jewelry because friction can cause scratches.
3. Avoid using the jewelry all the time especially when swimming because the water content of chlorine in the pool can be dull glint of gold.
4. Also, do not use jewelry when doing housework such as washing and cooking.
5. To always shine, jewelry should also be periodically cleaned from the sweat, dust and other dirt attached.
6. Way, prepare warm water already ditetesi dishwashing liquid in a bowl. Jewelry brush with soft fluffy brush to dust waste. Once clean, dry with a soft cloth, pressed by press or blow dryer.

Monday, 7 December 2009